Forum Team 2017-19

Patron – President of NELTA

Motikala Subba Dewan


Mr. Sagun Shrestha is a 2016 Hornby scholar for the postgraduate course in English Language Teaching at the University of Warwick, Coventry, UK. He has coordinated English Access Microscholarship Program in Nepal and served as a teacher trainer in Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association (NELTA). Equally, he has worked as an English teacher for more than seven years. He is also an editor-in-chief of ‘The GEM 2012’ and co-author of ‘English Teaching Methods’. Aside from his involvement in ELT, he is also a roster translator of Translators Society of Nepal and has translated some stories and poems. One of his translated stories has been published in ‘The Journal of Academy’. He is a Regent Scholarship winner from the 49th IATEFL international conference held in Manchester, UK and Professional Development Scholarship winner from 49th International TESOL Conference and English Language Expo held in Toronto, Canada.


Dinesh Kumar Thapa, from Nepal, has earned an M. Phil. degree in English Language Education in Kathmandu University, Nepal. Mr. Thapa works as a teacher of English at Kitini Secondary School/ College, Lalitpur, as well as a Visiting Faculty of Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Training at Kathmandu University, Nepal. Mr. Thapa has been teaching English to learners at different levels and training EFL teachers for over a decade.  Mr. Thapa is a life member of NELTA, and is serving NELTA Lalitpur as Secretary at present. He has also successfully served as an editor of NELTA ELT Forum in the years 2015- 16. He has attended to and delivered in trainings and seminars on topics related to English language education both in home and abroad. In addition to writing on issues related to ELT, he has also published books for EFL learners at different levels. Mr. Thapa has a keen interest in the nuances of EL teacher development, and specializes particularly in training EFL teachers. He is also involved in research activities on issues related to medium of instruction, teaching English and teacher education.  He can be contacted at

Dharmanand Joshi is an MPhil research scholar in English education at Kathmandu University, School of Education, Nepal. He has earned his M.Ed. in English Education from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He has been in teaching  field for last 14 years. He has also been serving as a Secretary at NELTA Kanchanpur. He has a wide range of experience of teaching from pre-primary to masters level.  His areas of research interest include teaching methods and techniques, ICT in Education and language planning and policy. He can be reached at


Komila Tangirova is a Hornby scholar, currently studying MA in ELT with specialism in Testing and Assessment at Warwick University, UK. She has been working as a teacher of English at Uzbekistan State World Languages University since she earned her MA degree (English Linguistics) in 2010 at the same University. She has been participating in different projects focused on the development of teaching English at tertiary institutions. Her professional interests include Language Testing, Materials Design and Teaching English for Specific Purposes. She is currently involved in the project run by British Council in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and a group of specialists from different regions of the country to reform teaching and testing ESP at higher educational institutions in Uzbekistan. She can be contacted at    

Laxmi Prasad Ojha is a Lecturer in English Education at Tribhuvan University, Nepal and has a decade of experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language to school, college and university level students. He is the Membership Secretary of the Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association (NELTA) and was co-editor of the ‘Journal of NELTA’ from 2013-2015. He has trained teachers for various agencies in Nepal and has published articles on issues in teaching English and teacher education. His areas of interest are language planning in education, teacher development, critical pedagogy and indigenous knowledge and culture. He can be reached at

Maricarmen Gamero is an Aggregate Professor in the Department of Languages at Francisco de Miranda University (UNEFM) in Falcón, Venezuela. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in English Language Teaching at UNEFM in 2007, and since then she has been working as a teacher of General English and English for Specific Purposes at Secondary Schools and Tertiary Level Institutions. She earned the degree of Expert in E-Learning Processes from Fundación para la Actualización Tecnológica de Latinoamerica (Ecuador), an MA in Distance Education from the Caribbean International University (Curazao), an MA in Educative Research from Universidad de Carabobo (Venezuela). She is currently taking an MA in English Language Teaching (Specialism in Teacher Education) in the University of Warwick, UK as a Hornby Scholar. She was the Secretary from 2011-2014 of the Venezuelan CALL Association- AVEALMEC. She has coordinated the in-service teaching training programme at UNEFM for Professors from different disciplines. She is interested in researching in the field of teacher education and psycholinguistics. She can be contacted through:

Miriam Corneli is a former English Language Fellow in Nepal and Sri Lanka (2013-2015) and is passionate about mind/body education. She earned her MA TESOL at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and has taught in Taiwan, Vietnam, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, and 3 different States in the US. She has taught English from pre-primary to PhD students and is very fond of researching how the brain works and educational neuropsych, creativity and practicality in global Englishes, what increases motivation, how to improve pronunciation, and the role of positive emotions and positive psychology in learning. Miriam enjoys learning other languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, Nepali, Hindi and French. She enjoys giving presentations and facilitating teacher training sessions and loves working with teachers. She can be reached at

Noel T. Franco Jr. graduated from the University of the Philippines with a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication (Cum Laude) and earned 45 units for the master’s program in Language Education at the same university. Having been in the teaching profession since 2004, he has handled language, literature, communication and education courses and has also served as resource speaker and trainer in several national and regional training programs in the Philippines. Aside from being a teacher, he also worked as Associate Research Director of the Centre for Research and Publication of Baliuag University, Philippines. His passion for improving the teaching and learning environment in his class has led him to being involved in certain research endeavours which were presented in national and international research conferences. Being a recipient of A.S. Hornby Trust and British Council Scholarship, he is presently pursuing Masters in English Language Teaching (with specialism in Teacher Education) at the University of Warwick. His e-mail address is

Mirian Führ is a Hornby scholar 2016/2017 for a Masters in English Language Teaching  at University of Warwick, in the UK. She comes from Brazil and holds a degree in Languages – Portuguese and English, from Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos (UNISINOS). She has got a specialist in Teaching and Grammar of Portuguese, from Universidade Federal do Vale do Rio dos Sinos (UFRGS) and another one in Teaching and Learning of English, from UniRitter Laureate International Universities. She has been teaching English to all language levels and age groups in language institutions, in regular public and private schools for about 8 years so far. She has also worked as a research assistant in the Education field while she was at the university and has attended several courses, congresses conferences, and seminars in Brazil and abroad, delivered some workshops for other teachers. She can be reached via


Pramod Kumar Sah is a PhD fellow in the Department of Language and Literacy Education at the University of British Columbia, Canada. He earned his MA TESOL with Applied Linguistics from the University of Central Lancashire, UK and MED in English Language Teaching from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He has designed and delivered a wide range of ESL/EFL courses in Nepal, China and the UK. He has published book chapters, journal articles, newsletter articles, and book reviews in reputed book series and journals. His major research areas include language planning and policy, literacy instruction, critical multiculturalism and multilingualism,critical pedagogy, and applied sociolinguistics. He can be approached at


Shyam Pandey is a PhD student on Second Language Studies at Purdue University, USA. He has earned an M. Ed. in ELT from the Kathmandu University, Nepal and MA TESL from the Minnesota State University (MSU), Mankato, USA. He has taught English as a foreign language at the high school and undergraduate levels in Nepal. Additionally, he has led a U.S. government sponsored program named English Access Microscholarship Program, Nepal. Besides, he has taught basic writing to the multilingual writers as a graduate teaching assistant and tutored writing at the Writing Center at MSU. His current interests include L2 writing, multimodal pedagogies, and TESOL methods.  He can be reached at


Suman Laudari is a PhD fellow at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia. He earned an MA TESOL from the Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK and an M.Ed. in ELT from the Kathmandu University. He has experience of teaching young and adult learners of English as a foreign language in Nepal, UK and Australia. He has travelled across Nepal to train teachers of English for various agencies, including NELTA, British Council and Regional English Language Office (RELO). His research interests are the integration of technology in a language classroom, ICT in education policy, technology and motivation, motivation in second language learning and motivation and writing in a second language.

NELTA ELT Forum is an official blog of Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association( NELTA) which works for the professional development of English teachers and teacher educators. With the aim of disseminating the contextual and global issues of ELT, it has incepted the blog where a team of editors will be liaising with ELT professionals and echo the noble voices to it.

Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association (NELTA) was founded in 1992. The British Council Nepal played an instrumental role in the establishment of this Association. The main objective behind its establishment was to set up a common platform for all the teachers of English in Nepal so as to support their professional development. Since its establishment, it has been recognized as a non -governmental, non-political, non-profit making professional association with the aim of enhancing ELT in Nepal. The need to improve the teaching and learning of the English language, thereby keeping abreast of new development in ELT, lay the foundation of NELTA. The following points justify the emergence of NELTA.

Majority of English teachers in Nepal were untrained and no EFL qualifications were required to become an English teacher at primary level. Thus, some kind of initiation to familiarize them with the ELT pedagogy was a must.

As there was no professional organization of ELT until then, teachers could hardly participate in professional development activities.
The ever increasing demand for English grew more and more due to the expansion of English medium schools together with the proliferation of business and tourism sector especially after the restoration of democracy in the country.
The Ministry of Education was on the verge of revising the school level English language syllabi. The departure from structural teaching to communicative teaching demanded massive teacher training and orientation, which the government could not do alone.

Currently NELTA has 44 branches across the country and more than 5000 life members fromhome and abroad. It also works in partnership with American Embassy, British Council, Indian Embassy and Ministry of Education Nepal. English Access Microscholarship Progrm, English by Radio, ELF program and ETTE+ are some of the major programs NELTA is implementing.

Team Members: (2016-2017)

1. Meera Shrestha- Patron


2.  Ashok Sapkota

3. Bophan Khan

4. Dinesh Kumar Thapa

5. Ganesh Gnawali

6. Janak Raj Pant

7. Kunjarmani Gautam

8.  Laxmi Prasad Ojha 

9. Madhukar K.C.

10. Miriam Corneli

11. Sagun Shrestha

12. Shiv Ram Pandey

13. Shyam B. Pandey

14. Suman Laudari

15. Umes Shrestha

Team Members: (2014-2015)

1. Hemanta Raj Dahal – Patron


2. Ashok Sapkota

3. Dinesh Thapa

4. Janak Raj Pant

5. Kashi Raj Pandey

6. Laxmi Pd. Ojha

7. Madhukar KC

8. Madhu Neupane

9. Miriam Corneli

10. Sagun Shrestha

11.Shiv Ram Pandey

12. Shyam Bd. Pandey

13. Suman Laudari


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