Join Conversation Thread

How to join Discussion Thread?

Dear readers/contributors

It is you who instigate the thought and give life to the articles. As articles are posted, please comment on them so that other readers can make a chain of the discussion on the article. It would help writers to find the strengths and weaknesses of his/her article. Please follow these steps.

  1. On top of each blog entry, click on ‘Leave a Comment’ and there appears a box with ‘Leave a Reply’ at the bottom of each blog entry.
  2. Type your comment on the box which reads ‘ Enter your comment here’.
  3. Enter your email on the box which reads ‘ Email required’ and your name on the box which reads ‘name required’. These are mandatory.
  4. Your website is not required even if the box is there so leave it blank.
  5. Finally click on ‘Post Comment’.

Note: If you click on continue reading, the comment box is automatically seen at the bottom where you can post your comments.

Some Guidelines:

  1. You can be as critical as you like to be while commenting upon any blog entries. Do not bring any personal issue, and we strongly discourage using abusive language.
  2. Your healthy comment is an impetus for critical thinking. So be specific as far as possible.
  3. There is no any word limit for the comment to be posted.
  4. Use your own name while commenting so that we can record your contribution.



Editorial Team


3 responses

  1. i found you very informative.


  2. A Great start!!


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