Submission Guideslines


Submission Guidelines for Contributors

We welcome the following types of submissions on issues related  to English Language teaching, Applied linguistics, TESOL/TESL.

Feature Articles (3000-5000 words) related to classroom research, teacher education, professional development, socio-cultural issues and many more.

Interviews (2000-2500 words) with prominent ELT figures from home and abroad highlighting their contribution to the field and wider ELT community at large.

Brief Reports (1000-1500 words) such as book reviews, reports on NELTA branch trainings, workshops, monthly branch updates, and international conference presentations.

Reflective Accounts (Personal) (1000-1500 words) related to your own reflection about an event, your personal ELT related story (i.e., success story, and your everyday difficulties and challenges in classroom teaching).

Teaching tips (1000-1500 words) based on recent eclectic teaching methodologies to provide essential tips/resources to practicing classroom English teachers in various levels from public and private schools and colleges to help them cope up with the challenges.

Announcements (50-100 words) about forthcoming NELTA headquarter and NELTA branch news about workshops, trainings, and presentations. Any announcement about articles and books published by our NELTA colleagues can also be submitted to inform to the wider NELTA community.

Readers’ Thoughts for Discussion (1000-1500 words) to provide ELT colleagues an opportunity to share their responses to the articles and books published on ELT issues.

Please send us your any queries and/or submission Submissions can also be submitted to editorial members. There will be monthly announcement for the submission from the board.

PS: To maintain a professional blog, the editorial board reserves the right to edit the submissions for clarity and style.

Please do note that the articles published are copyrighted and misuse  or plagiarism of the articles is offensive. Thanks.


2 responses

  1. Dear NRLTA team!
    I am happy to have a chance to publish articles in your forum. My research interest is corpus Linguistics. I am welcome anyone who wishes to cooperate with me in this field.
    Please inform me of your requirements and template for articles.




  2. Its really a pleasant news to deepen the experience and sharpen the knowledge. If the things go smoothly I will pen.


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