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It was in the past when English was just the language of BANA countries. Now, it has crossed the border and the term ‘English’ is shifting to ‘Englishes’ since the circle of English users is expanding.  The Expansion of English in Bharat Khanda goes back to business relationship of Portuguese and East India Company when they started business in Goa of India (Sailaja, 2009). Being  a subordinate of Britishers, Portuguese tried to imperialize with language and  Christianity. English language entered Nepal when King Pratap Malla made business relationship with East India Company (Giri, 2015). This evidence can be known from the recorded history of Pratap Malla who used to speak fifteen languages. Slowly, seeds of English got further fostered when  Prithvi Narayan Shah attacked Kathmandu valley.

Realizing the power of the British rules and English language, Rana prime minister Jung Bahadur, after visiting  London,  felt English as the language of elites. His return from London brought English in Nepal with the establishment of Durbar school which was primarily meant for educating  Rana children in English (Poudel, 2016). Earlier, English did not have the scope that it has at present. It means, English was in use earlier but not in all sectors. Now, Nepal has exceeded the restricted use of the language. It has bridged the gap of socio, economic, political, tourism and education related setbacks.

However, still behind in the process of documenting of English in Nepal though, it is thriving pragmatically. Considering this aspect, NELTA ELT forum team, in this issue,  brings this especial discourse entitled ‘English in Nepal: Where do we Stand?’  This is the interview with the linguists and researchers, Dr. Tika Ram Poudel and Dr. Prem Bahadur  Phyak. We have tried to tap for the critical insight on status and prospects of English. Further, we have included write ups of  Mr. Kumar Narayan Shrestha, Ms. Sikha Gurung and Ms. Manuka Adhikari.

Kumar Narayan Shrestha, in  ‘English in Nepal:  A Guest Language to the Best Language’ presents  demographic information of language spoken in Nepal and presents different developmental  periods of English in Nepal.  Sikha Gurung, in her article ‘Where do they Sit? Use of Preposition by Nepalese Learners’ examines the use of preposition, challenges Nepalese English speakers or learners face along with solutions. Manuka Adhikari, in her article ‘English in Nepal: Phonology of Nepali English’ writes vividly on pronunciation as an aspect of spoken English.

For your ease,we have hyperlinked each entry:

  1. English in Nepal: Where do we Stand? By Dr. Tika Ram Poudel and Dr. Prem Bahadur Phyak
  2. English in Nepal: A Guest Language to the Best Language by Kumar Narayan Shrestha
  3. Where do they Sit? Use of Preposition by Nepalese Learners by Shikha Gurung
  4. English in Nepal: Phonology of Nepali English by Manuka Adhikari

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August Issue Editors