Welcome to the NELTA ELT Forum, November Issue – 2015


“Innovation is change that unlocks new value.”  

-Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant (When Millennials Take Over, 2015)

We are in a very dynamic world, and the English Language Teaching (ELT) sphere is not an exception. Among professional activities contributing to change and innovation in ELT, creating opportunities for professional reflection, exploration and academic discussion is vital. With an attempt to work towards this shared professional goal, we have come back with another issue of NELTA ELT Forum. The theme of the issue is ‘Innovation in ELT’.

The first article by Lundy Prak investigates the attitudes of a group of Academic Writing lecturers towards different types of Written Corrective Feedback (WCF) as well as their practices and reasons for using WCF in the context of teaching English as a foreign language at a university in Cambodia. The study also discusses the central importance of WCF in students’ writing motivation.

In the second article on English education and dying Languages in Nepal, Laxmi Prasad Ojha recognizes the increasing use of English language both in academic and everyday life and its adverse effects on the local languages. Ojha importantly discusses the history of English language teaching in Nepal and makes an excellent attempt to bring out how it is leading to language shift and death.

The third reflective note “A Teacher’s Manifesto” by Gopal Prasad Bashyal reflects the journey of an ELT practitioner and sheds lights on different challenges he encountered in both professional and academic contexts.

The fourth article by Binod singh Dham on Differentiating Instruction in mixed-ability classrooms defines mixed-ability classroom, explains what is and is not differentiated instruction, discusses multiple intelligences, and shares useful activities for different types of learners along with tips to deal with multi-level learners.

The fifth article by by Kevin Thomson on Peer Observation has been included as a regular contribution under the heading ‘The Professional Practices Series’ with the idea that every teacher has some unique ideas to deal with different situations and topic areas and there is something to learn from every one.

And, as always, inspiring recounts can be found in the Teachers’ Confession series.  For this issue, Umes Shrestha has brought the confession of Sanjeev Rai, a revered English language teacher currently working at DAV school in Lalitpur, Nepal.

We hope you enjoy the articles as much and would be pleased to welcome your comments and feedback.

Happy reading!



Janak Raj Pant

Bophan Khan


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