Professional Practices Series – “Self- and Peer Assessment” 

We are delighted to inform you that NELTA has come to an agreement with British Council, Nepal to publish a series of materials for the development of English language teachers. These materials contain both conceptual as well as practical ideas on improving teaching practice. The series includes 12 articles on a wide range of themes like ‘Evaluating and Assessing Learning’, ‘Using Multilingual Approaches’ and ‘Integrating ICT’ to name a few. As per our agreement with the British Council, we will publish an article every month for a year. We hope that these articles will help you develop your understanding, skills and confidence in the key areas that a language teacher comes across.

For the October 2015 issue, we have included an article by Kevin Thomson on Assessing learning 1: Self- and peer assessment. This article contains some vocabulary items related to assessment, useful classroom phrases, activity on self-assessing and peer-assessing writing and training students to give their classmates feedback.

Please do not forget to respond to the British Council about your use of the ideas mentioned at the end of the article under the heading “Over to you”. Doing so, you can get a chance to win a free seat on British Council’s teacher training workshop – Fundamentals of Teaching.

Click on it : Assessing learning 1: Self- and peer assessment Article 1

Laxmi Prasad Ojha

Series Coordinator 


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