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Teacher professional development has been redefined in the present context. There has been a paradigm shift and many teachers and students are aware on themselves. The way we learn is indirectly related with our professional identity. The books are not only the sources of learning. The training, workshops, sharing, etc have the part of our learning and professional development. The practices of popular culture have been realized in the educational practices in order to brush up our teaching-learning skills. When we teach, we not only learn from the books or other sources but also from our students. When we share or reflect, we know whether we are doing well on the areas we need to brush up further. We teach and learn English language either to reflect our location- specific, situation- specific or culture- specific values, needs, wants and ideologies. Our own stories or the learners’ stories provide insights into language learning, they can also offer the means to apply this knowledge to practice. Regarding the practice of learners’ stories in language classroom and in self-access centers, the conference is the best place to share, reflect and learn. Teachers’ stories and practices can help us to understand the process of teaching and in this way better equip pre-service or prospective teachers to meet the challenges they face in the teaching field. Likewise, learners’ stories also help us to make ‘provisional model’ for language teachers and integrate newly discovered facts in relation to the teaching field. There are several learning strategies, content, methods and so on which could be made possible to apply in teachers’ local settings to suit their needs or ignore them in favor of other strategies they feel are a better fit.  This issue is based on the 20th International NELTA conference which brings out sharing and reflections. As stated earlier, this conference has been a platform to share the several practices or successful stories in the teaching ELT practices all in home and aboard.

As this issue is based on the reflection of 20th  international conference, the first entry by Ashok Sapkota on conference : A glance tries to cover the major coverage in the conference and focuses on the major events in the conference  including presentation, support and feedback from home and abroad. The second part of this issue focuses on some moments in a pictorial form that describe the conference.  The reflection by Laxmi Prasad Ojha on ‘ Adding Spices to the Conference: ‘Panel Discussion on Policy Issues in ELT’ focuses on three great scholars from neighboring countries sharing their ideas on a single stage. Although having different history of English language teaching, Nepal, India and Pakistan have so many similarities in the policies and practices of English language. The reflection by Keshari Rana on ‘Stepping into the Professional World’  explores activities that one need to do in the professional gathering like NELTA conference. Finally, to answer a quest of many of us have in our mind, ‘What will I learn after I participate in the conference? , it is well captured in the reflection written by Umesh Shrestha.

This webzine issue has been a sharing issue regarding how conference can enrich our professional growth as well as professional networking being aware of the global context and using the idea adapting or adopting those in the local context.

We would request you all to share your thoughts and reflection so other would be benefitted and you would grow more in the academic world. At last but not least, we , a Webzine team, would like to congratulate all the newly elected committee members headed by Ms. Mira Shrestha for their successful tenure.

Happy Readings!

Dr. Shiv Ram Pandey

Mr. Ashok Sapkota


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  1. Thank you Ashok jee and Shiv Ram Pandey sir for the conference coverage. Those friends who missed the conference must have got a glimpse reading the issue. 🙂


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