Towards a Bright future

Khemraj Sharma Acharya

I have been teaching for more than six years in various private schools. I believe teaching is the most “sacred job” of all. So, I am proud to be a teacher .But, something deep inside my heart always knocked in my mind that something was incomplete in me.

As I walked to my school and back home, I could see children dwelling outside their school compound on saggy dress-up, no proper grooming and swearing in the public places. I immediately figured out the incompleteness in me. I was on a right track but in a wrong train. So I tried my best to serve in the public and government schools. But, status-quo and never ending formality barred me from serving those students. As I was figuring out the way to get in, my eyes stuck on a vacancy announcement by NELTA in a newspaper.

I could not expect more than this. The job was perfect for me. Without wasting a minute, I typed a cover letter and submitted it online. I was shortlisted for the written test. I along with 14 other candidates appeared the test in presence of Mr. Hemant Raj Dahal, the current President of NELTA. The questions were very relevant to the nature of the job. That night, I got a call informing me of my selection for the interview.

The next morning, six of us were facing the interview conducted by Hemant sir and Motikala Subba Dewan, the General Secretary of NELTA. We had a rigorous interview. That evening I got a call from Motikala madam informing me that I was selected for the job. My happiness knew no bounds. But immediately I knew the responsibilities in my shoulders.

For the next two days, we conducted interviews and exams for nearly hundred students. Out of them, 40 were selected with other few in waiting list. Then the sole responsibility was upon we four teachers and Guru Sir. We managed to get a house on rent for our class and office. Soon, most of the things were ready. From the first week of June, we conducted induction classes. Currently, we are teaching our students about discipline and classroom mannerisms. We found our students with enormous potential. They are curious and energetic. I can see the zeal of learning in their eyes. Only thing they are lacking is the lack of expression in English. But, I know it is not their fault. And, I also know that we are there to help them. Each one of them has ability to sing, dance, paint, mimicry and so on.

Today, I feel I am one step closer to my goals. I congratulate NELTA for its initiative in coordinating with the RELO, U.S. Embassy for bringing English Access Micro scholarship Program in Nepal. I must thank Guru Adhikari sir for guiding me at every difficulty. I am sure, with the help of my colleagues, we can achieve the goals that the program has set.

( Khemraj Sharma Acharya is an instructor for English Access Microscholarship Program, Morang center.)


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