There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. 
― Maya AngelouI Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

The greatest affluence that we have in our life is our culture of sharing successes with others so that the readers can follow the paths we have traversed through, and rectify themselves if they find that they are in wrong trails. Maya Angelou states the same reality in her quote.

Be it through any form or means, once we share our stories, we find ourselves so comfortable and free from agony. While sharing the stories of triumph, there can be multiplying effects in the community we are in, sharing our hardships can aware others not to repeat the same mistakes. It is a gripping philosophy. Since we have mighty pens and innovative and creative ideas, we can express our beautiful ideas in the form of letters. This is our academic affluence.

‘LET’S WRITE’ is the point that we want to promote here for which we require good reading culture. Unless we read, ideas cannot be accumulated and generated, and as a result our writing becomes plain and verbose. Let’s walk hand in hand to produce best scholarship and writings. In this June issue, ELT professionals have come together in NELTA ELT Forum to share their works.

Kashi Raj Pandey, Suman Laudari,  Sagun Shrestha, Ashok Raj Sapkota and Ramesh Prasad Ghimire, the ELT practitioners have shared their ideas on different ELT issues. Mr. Pandey, in his article, talks about reading culture which is an art in itself. Mr. Laudari explores on the issue of plagiarism and self plagiarism which we are prone to by connecting it to the local context. Mr. Shrestha pleads that cyberculture can be a cohesive tool to the ELT world, and states how it is closely connected to the postmodern ELT world. Likewise, Mr. Sapkota talks about teachers’ professional life cycle and suggests essential strategies for professional development. Lastly, Mr. Ghimire shares his ideas on multiple intelligences along with some theoretical backup and focuses on its pedagogical aspect.

This June issue is full of scholarly writings which, we are sure, will motivate you to become a better teacher, scholar and a better WRITER. We also expect these articles to instigate healthy discussion.

Visit this issue with these scholars:

Making Reading Habit an Art – Kashi Raj Pandey
My Words, My Rights: An Analysis of Self Plagiarism – Suman Laudari
Cyberculture; a Cohesive Tool to the ELT world – Sagun Shrestha
Essential Strategies For Teacher’s Professional Life Cycle – Ashok Sapkota
Multiple Intelligences: Theory and Its Pedagogical Aspect  – Ramesh Prasahad Ghimire

Happy Reading!

Janak Raj Pant
Sagun Shrestha


2 responses

  1. Dear editors,
    Thank you very much for this superb blog including many ELT resources. I thoroughly went through the articles and found that the blog is very rich in itself. I got chance to read about the professional, pedagogical Aspects to cyber culture and plagiarism. I have a couple of comments to this blog hope you will find it positive:
    Could you please try to post a little bit short articles so that we can easily read in the short period of time? Shall we post some poems, articles, (success) stories in some corner? I hope it definitely increase readers as well. Finally I would like to thank you again for this wonderful resource!


  2. Your constructive suggestions are welcome, Ganesh. We will take into consideration your suggestions.


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